Wednesday, April 28, 2010


ABOUT "RELIABLE AQUATICS" - When I was in the eleventh standard,I saw many people doing Business on Ornamental Fishes in my locality. I told my father that I wanted to start my Aquatic Business.My father agreed to my proposal and asked me to complete my education after which he suggested that i might start my business and have my own Hatchery.After that, my father Late Mr. Subrata Kumar Panja suggested the name "RELIABLE AQUATICS ". In 2008 February 25th I lost my father. In  2010 with the help of my Maternal Aunt Miss Alo Hait, who is the main person of our company, I started my Aquatic Business "RELIABLE AQUATICS". I was very happy and contented that I could fulfill my Father's wishes. It is because of his blessings that now I am succesful in my business.

                                                                                        RELIABLE Aquatics -  is one of the Largest exporters of Discus Fish, FlowerHorn, Goldfish, Tetras, Guppy, Arowana and Other tropical fishes from India.